1V1D: No dam in Gbdembilisi; apologise for your deceit – Apaak to Hawa Koomson

The Member of Parliament for Builsa South, Clement Apaak has described a picture of a dam fully filled with water at Gbdembilisi despite the harmattan season posted by the Ministry of Special Development Initiative on its Facebook page as one constructed under the government’s one-district-one-dam (1V1D) initiative as fake.

According to Mr Apaak, the Ministry is deceiving the Ghanaian people as no such dam has been built in Gbdembilisi.

In reaction to Mr Apaak’s Facebook post on the drying up dams in the northern parts of the country, the Ministry of Special Development Initiatives posted a picture on its Facebook page, claiming the said picture is that of a dam constructed under 1V1D in Gbdembilisi in the Builsa South constituency.

But Mr Apaak said the ministry is “dishonest and deceitful” as no such dam has been constructed in that part of his constituency.

“What a pity, shameful, Gbdembilisi has no 1V1D drying up Seasonal Pond. I challenge anyone, including the Minister, to call the Gbdembilisi Chief: 020 841 3849 to verify.

“I’m currently in my constituency of Builsa South, I invite Hon. Hawa Koomson to come to Builsa South, I will join her to Gbdembilisi. If she finds a 1V1D DAM there, I will walk from my village of Doninga to Parliament. Truth is that anyone who knows Builsa South and Gbdembilisi knows this is the figment of the imagination of grand liars,” Mr Apaak wrote on Facebook.

According to the lawmaker, the said picture that the ministry claims is a dam in Gbdembilisi is likely that of the Uwasi dam initiated and constructed under the auspices of former president John Mahama and the National Democratic Congress.

Mr Apaak noted that the Uwasi dam was in existence before the New Patriotic Party government started digging “it’s now drying up seasonal ponds.”

Mr Apaak is calling on the sector minister, Hawa Koomson to apologise “for trying to deceive Ghanaians.”


Source: classfmonline.com

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