A WORD FROM THE WEST TO THE WISE : A letter to constituents of Wa Central.

A. Walid Jnr writes:

In any case, the purpose for replacement is for perfection, or better still best. How do you replace good with worse not even good or better? That’s why from day one, I have made it clear that NPP Wa Central has lost the battle already.

How do you cheat the good one(Hon. Issahaku Tahiru in mind) to present a nonstarter? It will be a big mistake comparing Hajia Humu to Dr. Hassan Rashid Pelpuo in terms of who should represent us in Ghana’s Parliament.

In life,it is highly important for every man to be able to figure out your place(where you fit) and (when it is your time). That’s the only time perfection can set in.

Let Hajia know her place. Let her understand that she is not fit in that shoe as it stand. Let her know she has not gotten what it takes to be a parliamentarian. Let her know that to fit in that shoe,it does not just count in money but in knowledge, in wisdom, in attitude & character desired and measured in proportions. She might be good in some things, some things that many others do but not things that qualifies her for Parliament.

 You gave a borehole, many may have given boreholes.

You gave a scholarship, many may have given scholarships.

You gave a second hand shirt, many may have given clothes.

You gave a tin of milk and a cup of rice, many may have given bags of rice & cartons of milk and this is an act in its own in our society, we call them philanthropists, we call them NGOs, we call them orphanages, we call them social houses, we call them foundations like Hajia Humu Foundation. And this is their place in society, and what they do.

The house of parliament is however different and these things can never be a yardstick in measure of who is qualified to be a member of parliament. But these bodies are there because development is a shared responsibility and not holistically or entirely for one man called politician.

So let her keep doing what she’s doing, like many others are doing and that’s her place like many others. Let her know that there is always comfort, joy, peace and happiness in “your place” and I hope she doesn’t need Parliament to do what she’s doing, because those doing what she’s doing and even more are not necessarily parliamentarians. Why then the desperation? Let’s don’t also forget opposition. Because if she’s doing what she’s doing now because a particular party is in power, what if the table turns and all those people are not in those positions, what will be the fate of you and I?

I can’t remember the last time it flash my mind that Dr. Hassan Rashid Pelpuo is an opposition MP, because he still does what is expected of him if not everything at a go.

That’s what leadership should be! A word to the wise, is enough!

Good afternoon Wa Central.

Good afternoon Dr. Hassan Rashid Pelpuo.

Good afternoon Hajia Awudu Humu.

Good afternoon SoMnet.




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