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Coronavirus: Lock Down The Country Now: Gary Al-Smith To President

Gary Al-Smith has added his voice to calls on whether Ghana should join other countries to lock down in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic.

On Thursady, March 26, 2020, Ghana recorded 132 confirmed cases of the virus after the previous day’s figure of 68.

This further heightened discussions on whether or not to lock down the country to restrict movement of citizens ‒ with the aim to curb the spread of the virus.

In a five point bulletin on Facebook, the ace multi media journalist justified his position for a lockdown.

He disclosed that “the only thing COVID-19 is scared of is SPEED. The virus is not scared of accurate decision making.”

Many expressed concern that the country is not well equipped enough in terms of agriculture and other resources to undergo a total or a partial lockdown

But Gary said “a lockdown will inconvenience people, yes. But it will NOT kill people as COVID-19 would.”

He added that we have examples from developed (Western EU) & third-world (Sierra Leone, India) nations who have locked down.

He observed that the evidence and data is overwhelmingly in favour of it being a correct decision.

The sports journalist said that Ghana has been a victim of slow, reactive decision-making already, after belatedly closing down its borders.

“We are all witnesses to how many lives were saved due to that decision. The only way to beat COVID-19 is to be proactive. We gotta speed up, because the virus is running.”

Gary added that South Africa gave its citizens 3 days to organise themselves, “from midnight tonight, there’ll be a lockdown for 21 days.”

He pleaded on the government Listen to the Ghana Medical Association and make a decision similar to South Africa. He said “give citizens time to stock up properly. Put measures in place. Then do the needful.”

He reminded the government that about an adage saying “Our elders say that a blow inevitably yours is best taken early. COVID-19 are going up, not down.”

“It is clear that due to our slow decision-making, several affected people are out there and not tested or isolated. Best protection is to stop people from moving.”

He ended by saying “we have to care about lives, and not about inconveniencing people.

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