COVID-19 : Food Prices Still Stable In Wa

Perishable Commodities Up Slightly

Food prices in the Upper West Region remains stable despite the astronomical price hikes across other parts of the country in the heat of the 14-day partial lockdown by the President.

The usual price tags of daily foodstuffs remain stable while perishable food items like tomatoes and garden eggs witnessed a slight increment from a survey conducted.

A team of visited the Wa Market to ascertain the prices of everyday food items amidst fears of a potential lock down.

The survey revealed no such increment with prices remaining same for the close to 5 months now aside some insignificant ups and downs.

The story however changed for the perishables largely due to their short life span and initial beauty during peak harvest.

Traders in the regional capital have turned the unfortunate incident into an Xmas package with abnormal price hikes for food items.

There are reported cases of items sold at over 500 percent of their usual selling prices led by Gari and other vegetables.



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