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COVID-19: Traders at Wa Central Market unable to Practice Safety Protocols

The Wa Central Market is an open market which is a major commercial market located along the Rawlings street. visited the market to monitor traders on safety guidelines and many of them failed to adhere to the protocols to combat the deadly coronavirus.

The Upper West Regional Coordinating Council launched a sensitization programme and educated the participants mostly traders on the safety guidelines.

They were given hand sanitizers, soap and a pack of tissue but many of them have not put them to use.

Vegetables, tomatoes, onions needed to be sold in a clean environment but sellers proved to be unhygienic as they failed to regularly wash their hands.

Nothing showed they practiced regular hand washing as there was no soap nor veronica bucket seen at the time the news team visited them.

However, there were some mounted at the lorry station.

According to the vegetable sellers, they are not aware of the safety measures but indicated their willingness to observe the guidelines henceforth.

They also failed to observe social distancing as traders sat too close to each other in an overcrowded market.

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