Do you keep criticizing yourself in your head? Here’s why you need to STOP

We all have a habit of talking to ourselves in our heads. And so many times, this me-to-me conversation is negative, mean and critical – “I look so ugly in this dress”, “O God, how can I forget it again”. Can you relate?
In fact, there is a whole web series that is based on a person’s inner monologues. We know you have already guessed it. If you have observed that your self-talk is mostly negative, you have to ponder about it.

How many times have you ever worn something new and then judged yourself in the mirror about your not-so-perfect look? Have you applied for a job and then thought you are too under-qualified for it? Thinking of yourself as too pushy and clingy because you are not in a happy relationship?
If you can relate to all the above-given situations, you are indulging too much in negative self-talk, which is obviously not good for you.

This negative talk holds you back in more ways than one. Especially, women are more prone to talking down at their own selves because research shows that men are actually much kinder to themselves, even to the point of overestimating their abilities.

What we women can do?

Treat yourself as your best friend

Would you ever tell your best friend that she is not looking nice in her new dress? Would you ever tell your best friend that she is not worthy of something? Obviously not. So, do not do this to yourself either. Once you notice yourself involved in self-criticism, stop then and there and force yourself to think something more positive. Be more aware of your dialogue to self, which will make it easier to stop the negative self-talking.

Stop comparing yourself to others

We know you love scrolling through your social media account endlessly. While yes, social media is a great way to stay connected to people who are away from you, studies have shown that people who spend more time on social media are clinically depressed.

Remember, people only put up their best lives on Instagram. They will not put pictures of themselves where they are crying or look disastrous. So, please don’t get fooled by thinking that their lives are better than yours. When you feel you are doing so, keep down your phone and do something else.

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