Ghanaian Sports journalist calls for support for frontline workers as we fight COVID-19

Sports Journalist, Gary Al-Smith who has tested positive for COVID-19 has appealed for support for frontline workers at the  University of Ghana Medical Centre (UGMC) where he is in isolation.

He took to his Facebook wall to garner for support

Gary Al-Smith writes:

Frontline workers at the UGMC Intensive Care Unit have had their food arrangements cut because, apparently there’s no money.

A lot of us non-ICU patients feel very guilty having 3-square meals, while these heroes, who regularly work 12hr shifts, don’t have that privilege.

At least, there’s no breakfast, lunch, or supper for ICU frontline workers at UGMC. A memo was sent recently informing them.

GCB’s 100K donation (see attached photo) was partly to pay for lunch of ICU staff and volunteers. Unclear if the money is finished.

Bottom line, they don’t get refreshed.

Help us change this, please.

When the COVID-19 fight started, there were arrangements for regular food and water for them. Now, with numbers of patients increasing – especially the critical and severely ill – it is quite sad that these important things have been cut.

You would recall that my colleague Israel Laryea had cause to make a public appeal for mattresses this week. That’s because he had been informed that the frontline workers are unable to get individual mattresses to sleep on between shifts.

Israel’s call led to Ashfoam making a donation of 8 mattresses that same day
ing 3-sq meals, while these heroes, who regularly work 12hr shifts, don’t have that privilege.

What happens is that when they clock off, these volunteers and staff of the ICU now have to go and look for food, themselves.

Not to blame anyone. I am only concerned about making sure these people get better for their hard work.

Are you a company interested in providing breakfast or lunch or supper for the frontline workers?

If you are, and would want to take care of these people, please inbox me, let’s work through the media to get this done.

No politics, please. Let’s just get these people fed and refreshed well.

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