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Lock Down the Wa Central Market If Necessary- Wa Traders to Regional Minister

Traders at the Wa Central Market want the Upper West Regional Minister to lockdown the market to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

According to them, locking down the market as the number of cases have increased is necessary but difficult to bear.

They made this known to in an exclusive interview at the market today.

They indicated their willingness to close down their shops if it is decided that the market should be closed.

“Since the lockdown is meant to save our lives, we are ready to close all trade to help curb the virus. Human Life is more valuable than our work .” they said.

However they said locking down the market will have a huge rippling effect on their lives as well as families.

They appealed to the relevant authorities not to delay in locking down the market. They also want the market to be fumigated to prevent the coronavirus.

But some of the traders want the authorities to ensure safety measures at the market instead.

The news team observed that the market was not crowded as usual because of the fear of coronavirus. Also safety measures were least practiced by the traders.

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