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Locking down Ghana: A necessary difficulty -Lawyer Shakur

The Deputy State Attorney in the Upper West Region has joined calls for an immediate lockdown in the country.

Lawyer Saeed Shakur said despite the economic difficulties in the country, a lockdown of Ghana at this stage of the increased number of Coronavirus cases will stop the spread of the virus.

He said he disagreed with people who think that a lockdown will be difficult due to the challenges facing the country.

He added that we could lockdown the country in our own smart way without considering how the Americans, Chinese and Italians are doing it.

“There are those who argue that there are a plethora of challenges that will make lockdown impossible or extremely difficult. I respectfully disagree.” he said in a Facebook post

“First of all, the mistake they make is to see lockdown only in terms of how the Americans, Chinese or Italians are doing it.. This is wrong we could lockdown in our own smart way.”

He indicated that locking down the country is a necessary evil and it will only be appreciated when it is done.

“There can’t be any form of lockdown in any part of the world without difficulty. It is when the identifiable difficulties are measured against a complete wipe out of our nation and its people that we say lockdown even if…”

Lawyer Shakur want Ghanaians to learn from the aftermath of closing the borders as the benefits are obvious.

“When we asked for a closure of our borders we all saw the arguments against, they’re closed and we can all see the instant benefits.”

The Deputy State Attorney further warned that deferring the lockdown to a period of high number of cases will rather be detrimental to the country’s fight against the pandemic.

“But for the closure over 30 people would have been out there as super spreaders. If we do not lock down now the system will lockdown in a disorganized way and all of us will be worst off”.

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