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Press Release : PNC Cautions Jean Mensa-Led Electoral Commission To Avoid Bad Precedence

The Leadership of the People’s National Convention (PNC) have cautioned the Jean Mensa-Led Electoral Commission to avoid leaving bad precedence after the party’s Chairman was prevented from attending a scheduled IPAC meeting.

The National of the Party, Bernard Mornah, was notoriously prevented from attending the said meeting with an excuse that a representative from his party was already in the meeting.

In response to the total blackout, the PNC issued a well scripted Press Release, signed by acting General Secretary, Jacob Amoako, to clear the air. News Desk intercepted the official stand of PNC as seen below.


We express our utter disgust and disappointment at Mrs Jean Mensa and the Electoral Commission
for the subtle attempts to twist the arms of the PNC at today’s IPAC. The party regrets the infamous
decision by the Electoral Commission to admit a suspended General Secretary of the PNC into an IPAC
meeting but choose to use armed police officers to stop the National Chairman from accessing the
same meeting.

It would be recalled that Mr Mohammed Atik through his Mass Action Committee has been
campaigning for and championing a crusade for a new voters’ register against the PNC’s stance of a No New Register.

Unfortunately, it appears the EC has found it opportune enough to admit
Mohammed Atik into a meeting in which the intended new register is part of the agenda ostensibly
for him to support the stance of the Electoral Commission.

The PNC is shocked and dismayed that the Electoral Commission took this shameful decision knowing
too well that Mr Mohammed Atik since his suspension three years ago has not for once represented
the PNC at any official event including IPAC meetings.

The party is compelled by this ugly turn of events to distance itself from today’s shoddy IPAC meeting
and to state unequivocally that the party doesn’t submit to whatever took place at the meeting today.

It is unheard of that the Electoral Commission which has longstanding working relationship with the
PNC would place premium on the General Secretary (suspended though) over the National Chairman if not for a self centred and self seeking agenda.

For the demeaning treatment meted out to our Chairman at the premises of the Electoral Commission,
the party demands an apology from the Electoral Commission and its officials for their scandalous

Jacob Amoako
(Ag General Secretary )

The Party demanded an apology from Electoral Commission and its accompanying officials.

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