Voice Of Abacha: The Greedy Trader Or The Corrupt Political Figures?

How COVID-19 Has Exposed The Average Ghanaian With Immoral Price Hikes

Corruption has been wrongly perceived to be an act executed by the elite in the society with many chief culprits pointing hands at the media engulfed political figures. An ordinary receptionist will use his/her office to woe unsuspecting victims on daily basis only to be exonerated by the media lenses.

In what can be dubbed as the darkest century across planet earth, the influx of COVID-19 seems to have exposed the true state of the human brain. Home Radio 99.7 FM’s Saani Abacha takes a surgical look at the nauseating attitude of the average Ghanaian, the real corrupt brains and why society must unite to collectively develop as an entity.

Swallowed by a pool of mystery and a natural setback, the entire world is on its knees seeking for redemption and pardon from the powers that created this beleaguered world. Scientists, researchers, soothsayers, and the various religious bodies have all been swept ashore by this globally endorsed pandemic. If there ever was a time society needed to stay as an ecosystem then it must be now with no religious, political or economic class. Unfortunately, Ghana, of all nations, have capitalized on the ‘X-mas Bonanza’ to rather gain on individual levels economically at the expense of the exposed masses.

With prices of goods soaring beyond affordability, it is only logical for us to ask ourselves the motive behind the price hikes.

1. What shall it profit these opportunists if they amass enough wealth only to join the silent majority?

2. Could there ever be a time when the world will need these traders again?

3. How will these corrupt traders describe those they tag as corrupt all this while?

4. How do they feel internally knowing they are sapping the blood of innocent victims quarantined by natural circumstances?

5. How different are these traders from ARMED ROBBERS draining pockets on the roads?

Usually tagged as corrupt by virtue of their seats or offices, the political figures and other stakeholders have suffered enough brand damages largely through perceptions. A mere sight of a political figure enjoying life is synonymous to corruption but a broad day robbery at the Kantamanto market, Kasoa market, Adum market or the Kotokuraba market is legally accepted.

A mini hand sanitizer sold at GH¢3.00 some four months back is now pegged at GH¢25 but is okay in our minds. A bowl of gari sold at GH¢10.00 only weeks ago is now pegged at GH¢60.00 whiles a bowl of fresh tomatoes goes for GH¢50.00.

If you belong to such class of humans, just drop your head in shame. At a time the world needed its loudest of voices as an entity to fight its greatest enemy, betrayers from within the battle field are threatening to worsen the plight of the poor. The colossal profits generated from such immoral acts might be used to treat such traders if the virus succeeds in its quest to erode the entire world of its occupants.

If we are to treat corruption as a subject, the first example should be the one reading this piece. Blame not anyone but an opportunist who was only pure because he had no opportunity to corrupt his attitude.

Forget about the leaders in society and think of the real corrupt people around you. How can this canker ever leave mankind or provide a neutral fighting grounds for all?



By: Saani Abacha
Home Radio 99.7 FM

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